Are drones too noisy for a wedding?

Firstly drones have been at the centre of controversy since their metaphorical uprising in 2016. I believe the sound they emit should take some responsibility for this. I’m sure, at some point you’ve looked up and expected to see a gigantic beehive dangling over you, instead to see a drone cruising through the air, stealing everyone’s privacy. 

At Third Reel Films we have over 4 years experience filming weddings with a variety of different drones, so if you’re asking the question, is a drone too noisy for my wedding? let us give you the answer.

Drone’s ARE noisy.

If you have a drone above your head buzzing out 75dB you’ll certainly know about it. The combination of the drones propellers and motors emits a humming noise that varies in frequencies. Drones emit around as noisy as a hover, so i’m sure you can work out what parts of the day, you wouldn’t want Henry making an appearance. There are specific moments I believe it’s acceptable to fly a drone on a wedding day and they are,

  • During morning preparations,
  • During the reception,
  • Couple portrait sessions (If previously agreed)

It is not acceptable to fly a drone during the wedding ceremony, period. They are distracting, at this point in the day the attention should fall completely on the couple. This leads me into my next point, communication.

If you, your videographer/ Photographer are keen on aerial photography its important to have the conversation before the big day. Let them know where & when is acceptable for them to use the drone on your wedding day. You don’t want to be half way down that isle when you notice your guests are watching the drone that’s tracking you. Most photographers/videographer are sensitive to this of course, and 9/10 times you wont even notice the drone until you see your photos/film back.

Acceptable times throughout the day.
At Third Reel Films, we use the slower times of the day to sneak of and get some quality drone footage. Generally we use the morning to obtain the bulk of our footage, establishing shots of your venue things like that.

During the reception is a challenging time to use a drone, again because it draws in unwanted attention. Children are fascinated with drones and when they hear those propellers spinning, they’re straight over to investigate. Preparation and efficiency will allow a professional to obtain the shot without distractions. In this situation, we would take off from a quieter area and gain altitude before capturing the shot. The greater the altitude of the drone the quieter it sounds to those canapé munching guests of yours.

Couples portraits
Drones are capable of capturing some beautiful couple shots and this is a great time to put them to use. Check our drone films here.

What do Lammas and Peacocks have in common? You got it, they hate drones. To be honest iv never seen one animal admire a drone. Dogs bark and horses charge, so please keep this in mind if your venue has furry friends.
Take a look at this article by the RSPCA

How loud are they?
Drones and brides, come in all shapes and sizes, the comparisons don’t end their unfortunately, some are defiantly louder than others. Check out this video below that showcases two drones that are hugely popular amongst wedding services.